Tuesday, May 27, 2008

All Boy Weekend Part 3

In previous posts I forgot to mention our brief run in with a coatimundi. Even though we slept inside a building, I didn't sleep well (at home I don't sleep well.)

Our first night I probably slept a total of 1 hour. At one point, John had to get up to find out what was scratching. We deduced that it was a mouse in the rafters.

The second night I slept better but still on and off. Until I heard the crinkle of a plastic grocery sack. Nudging Hubby I said, "There's something in here."

He said, "I didn't hear anything. Go back to sleep." He didn't hear because he was asleep!

A few seconds later I heard the same noise. I grabbed his arm and said with more sternness, "Turn on your light. Something IS in here."

Sure enough, it was a raccoon-like animal. I was so scared and very glad my manly man was there to rescue me. He was able to open the door and shoo the varmint into the wilderness. Most of all, I'm glad Mr. Intensity slept through it all.


John and Pam said...

YIKES!!! It was in the same room? Creepy!!! That was the "all boy weekend"....girls, do not like varmints!

John and Pam said...
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