Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Second Time is Better

This game was a game we tried last week. I presented it while one of his friends was here, thinking that he would enjoy the audience and maybe competetion. The idea is to show the child the card, say the word aloud, then have them to act out the verb.

It was a total flop. Neither of the kids thought it was a fun game. Could it be that I presented it at the wrong time? They were in the pool. :)

Take two was today. I was one-on-one with Mr. Intensity and he totally hammed it up. He loved the game. It was as if he'd never even played. I suppose some things are better the second time around.

1 comment:

John and Pam said...

Hey, who better than JI's Mama to teach him how to act out verbs?! You are his best cheerleader, I am sure!


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