Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Playful Patterns

Buying toys are always a gamble at our house. Most day's he'd rather play with a rope, hammer, bungee cord or some other destructive material.

A few months ago I found Playful Patterns at a consignment shop and snatched it up. Although there are a million pieces, I took comfort knowing it didn't have batteries and make an annoying sound.

Inside the box are ~20 patterns with differing levels of complexity along with different colors of shapes made of foam.

Here he's working on a Robot (for R-week) and concentrating quite nicely.


Evenspor said...

I have to comment on the pajamas, because my son has those same ones, and they are his absolute favorite.

The game was a good find too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello--I've really been enjoying your blog and hope you don't mind me asking this...where do you get all of your ideas? You constantly have ideas that look so fun!


Julie said...

This is a bit embarrassing, but I just counted. I subscribe to 50 different blogs (through Google reader). So, most of my ideas are copy-cat ideas from another, more creative, moms.

Also, on Sunday nights, I usually plan a bunch of activites for the week. I used to copy Starry Sky Ranch's weekly ideas (but she's stopped her funschool.)

Here are some other sites I like to use along with help from blogs:

Plus my mom is also a preschool Sunday School teacher (who retired from public school teaching.) She's a creative genius with so much energy. I get a few ideas from her. If we lived closer than 2000 miles apart, I'd probably get more from her.


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