Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Magaw & Grandpa had a teary goodbye from Mr. Intensity this morning. Magaw made it all better by frantically reaching into her purse and procuring a box of tic-tacs. It surprised me to see him display such emotion at the departure... he has a tender place in his heart for Magaw.

After leaving the airport, we went to the gym then on to spend our 50% off coupon at Michael's. I splurged on watercolors and a new set of paintbrushes. I've never used real watercolors until today. We both had a great time experimenting. Look how serious he is...and was actually quite gentle with the brush (after a few reminders).
His first finished product:
After a while, I decided to let him experiment further with the paints and mix the colors.

this was my final
Hands down, the best part was cleaning up. He loved using the spary bottle to clean the counter. Note to self: let Mr. Intensity use the spray bottle more often.


Anonymous said...


I am Erin Lewis's sister-n-law and great friends with Marla Livers...I don't remember exactly when/how I found your blog, but I remember awhile back seeing some Montessori stuff so I googled your name and found your blogspot. I have an almost three year old little guy and am interested in doing Montessori activities with him here at home. What books did you read? What online tools do you use? Could you just give me the down-low on what you know about Montessori? My blog is Go have a look if you get a minute. You can email me back if you have a chance at Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh.... pretty.

PJ said...

I was trying to remember yesterday how i got the bug in my ear to do watercolors with JM and now I see that it's from your blog! Check out my post on watercolors
Seems like Mr. Intensity liked it as much as JM! And next time I'll have to join in also!


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