Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lil Bit of Heaven

This is his little bit of heaven on our patio. We are all so ready to move to Arkansas.

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Anonymous said...

I keep thinking to tell you this--you'd be so proud--I've weeded and seeded (with wild flowers) my entire garden in the back yard. And, yes, Michael and I are going to tackle weeding the top to our garage this weekend. I cannot tell you how many hours I spend weeding and re-weeding that back yard. It has become a place to be outside where I can find some instant gratification of feeling like something is being done and taking some time to be by myself. I wouldn't say that I love doing it, but I have developed an appreciation for it... and my OCD gets the better of me because I can't stand looking at it not being done! I'll send pics when we see some sprouts or flowers! I can't wait!


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