Friday, June 20, 2008


We survived 6 hours on a plane. Once on the ground in Orlando, he couldn't stop touching stuff in the airport! I'm serious - at every little shop he had to stop and grope the goods. He was so excited to be in Florida (and I was, too.)

The first night we stayed with some friends. Being at their house was better than Disney. They have a boat and live on a lake. Mr. Intensity got to drive it, FAST and RECKLESS. He was laughing with adrenaline. I love love LOVE this picture of JI with Tim (who's excited, too, yelling WHOAH!).
Hubby and I went tubing right after breakfast. I hate swimming in lakes (I'm scared freakish about them - esp. ones that could have gators!) but Tim and Mr. Intensity were gentle with us behind the boat and I didn't even get my hair wet! It was so much fun.
We had so much fun at our friends' house we didn't want to leave. In fact, we'd planned to leave about 3pm yesterday but didn't leave until 10:30. I finally laid down the law and said, "I'm the one that gets to entertain a cranky boy tomorrow."

Our hotel is like nothing I've stayed in before. When John went to get the keys, he asked something about the room and the attendant replied, "it's a penthouse suite." A what?

This place has a full kitchen, two king beds, and two bathrooms. Mr. Intensity gets the room and Hubby and I are upstairs in the loft. They provide a hot continental breakfast everyday and a heavy hors-dourve (I know it's spelled wrong) Mon-Thurs. evening. And someone makes my bed! I'm in heaven. :)

AND - the best part: there are lots of boys Mr. Intensity's age. They like to chase the geckos and try to catch them. I saw the biggest brown slugs today - the boys didn't want to touch them. They did, however, want to spend the entire day in the pool.

After dinner tonight there was a dessert meeting for the wives (of the husbands who are teaching the Bible Study Methods class.) I got to know a few of them, mostly on a surface level, but enough to keep me from dreading the next two weeks.

Something that caught me off guard today (and I'm being vulnerable here) is the infertility monster. Most families here have at least 3 kids. We're the odd man out.

On a lighter note - we're planning to go to Gatorland tomorrow, the beach on Sunday and hopefully Disney on Monday afternoon. Our time here is going to FLY.
Something that is really weird after living in the desert for three years: rain every afternoon. I forgot that Florida is like that.


Amanda said...

I hope you all have a great time. It sounds like the trip is starting off that way!

John and Pam said...

What fun!!!! I too, love the picture of JI driving the boat! His touching EVERYTHING reminds me of his Dad! I love the picture with Mickey, and the Mom's Major Cutie shirt!
We are continuing to pray for a baby.

mbl said...

I'm so glad you guys made it safe and sound. I've been checking and wondering if you'd get to update from FL. My boys love boats too. Glad Mr. I got to enjoy that. It's interesting how the I monster sneaks up when you least expect it...or thought you were doing good. I'm glad you shared that. I still deal with the monster and I have 2. I'm praying for you. Love, M

Anonymous said...

Swwweeeettt! Sounds like a blast! Live it up!

We also are still praying.....

Stephanie said...

I read your post this morning and I've been thinking about you all day. We're in the same boat with that dreaded monster and I hope we both get out of it soon:)

I'm glad you're having such a good time. Enjoy!

Christy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christy said...

Florida sounds great! I hope you all have a wonderful time :)

I am continuing to pray for you also...

Holly said...

I prayed for you just last night as I was getting ready for bed. I loved your volcano post...I think we are going to try that soon! You are such a fun mom. You guys so need to move here.



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