Sunday, June 22, 2008


I've been so spoiled living in Phoenix - not having to consider the weather when planning activities! It has rained everyday we've been here and there's 50-60% chance rain for EVERYDAY this coming week.

Yesterday it stormed so we didn't make it to Gatorland as planned. Instead, we'd heard about feeding gators at a putt-putt place. Thankfully the boys were quite satisfied with that.

So today we got going early and made it to GatorLand. (Thanks, Suzy for the tip!) It rained shortly after lunch so the park cleared :) Mr. Intensity is making good friends with Micah (age 8) and esp. Eli (who's almost 6). Micah & Eli's parents came on staff with Hubby 10 years ago. Cole, the boys' dad, is also teaching a Bible study class for the next two weeks. I'm enjoying getting to know Teressa, Cole's wife. We were in the same region with them when we were on Campus staff. Gatorlad was SO MUCH FUN!!! Teressa and I think that quite possibly it could be better than Disney, esp. for young boys. The park wasn't terribly crowded and the prices were reasonable. Add to that, reptiles and everyone is happy. There was even a playground with water features for the boys to get wet (as if the rain didn't soak us enough.)

We saw three shows - one of which was "gator wrestling", rode a train around the park and fed some crocodiles hotdogs.

Gatorland gets two-thumbs up in my book. Definitely, if you're in central Florida with a boy, you gotta go.


John and Pam said...

It looks like a good time was had by all! JI looks so grown up; he looks like he is 6 years old!

missy said...

i love the picture in the gator's mouth!!! it's fun to be blog friends and real life friends too! i look forward to the next couple of weeks!

jojoebi said...

love that picture!


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