Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bam on Ice

What to do with two rough boys on a hot day? Bam on ice. The idea came from Let's Explore and Scribbit.

Let your imagination run wild when gathering all sorts of treasures. Look through your junk drawer for odds and ends - like bouncy balls, clothes pins, small plastic toys, coins, and even a few giant dried lima beans - covered them with water and freeze them overnight.

I chose things that didn't really matter if they were destroyed in this project. To my surprise, the boys weren't as rough with the hammers as they could have been. Most everything survived except a butterfly cookie cutter (that had been jammed full of dried play-dough).
Mr. Intensity busted his block of ice much faster than Eli (who is 9 months younger). I'm not sure if this was a developmental thing, because Mr. I's block was thinner, or b.c he is just more proficient with bamming.
In the end, Eli was quite satisfied with himself. Just look at the way he's grasping his hammer.
I knew this was a huge success when, at the end, Mr. Intensity asked, "Can we do it again, Mom?"


Scribbit said...

We had so much fun with that last summer--inexpensive and fun. Can't beat that.

amy said...

Everything is more fun with hammers! :)

MerrandaVK said...

I am going to do this on Monday for our daily "fun" activity. Thanks for the idea!!!

Melissa said...

I came over from the blog "Let's Explore" and this idea is wonderful for my son! Thank you for sharing it.


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