Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Crazy Maker of a Rhyming Game

Yesterday I sought advice for Mr. Intensity's nonsensical word game. From the comments, I realized I'm not alone. Here's a taste of the game. This is what I listen to ALL-DAY-LONG.

Advice is still welcomed.

and - if you want to see another video...I'm not the only one frustrated by this game. :)


John and Pam said...

That's hilarious in light of your experience with JI. If you EVER decide to try it with him, have the camera rolling!!!

John and Pam said...

PS Joel and I used to do that (when he was in high school), because, as you can imagine, he is very good at rhyming :)

Shelley said...

Sorry about your delima - but I loved his "matter of fact" statement - "It's a great day to go swimming - Do you want to go swimming now, Mom?"

Rhyming is a great pre-reading skill. For lots of kids it is a hard skill - Looks like JI has it down pat!

I have some activities I can send you via e-mail. They are not Montessori activities, but some things we would do in a Kindergarten/First Grade class. I'll gather them up and send them your way. Maybe you can find a Montessori twist to them.

reprehriestless warillever said...

Annoying? Yes.
Developmentally appropriate? Yes.
Funny (from afar)? Yes.

He sounds like my 3yo when she has missed her nap. The non non sequitur is hilarious.

Julie said...

that was so funny. thanks for making my morning! I also the "can we go swimming" at the end! I am so sorry it is bothering you.


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