Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Magaw

Happy Birthday to Magaw! We called her this morning and sang the tune on her answering machine; when reaching her by cell phone he didn't want to talk.

After "room time" (aka - Momma's reprieve) he asked to paint. Earlier today we'd talked about making something for Magaw's birthday, so paint it was.

I was feeling lazy so I coerced him into using the Squeeze-n-Brush paints. Love 'em. He used them for the first time in March and used them like a pro today. They were running out of paint so I refilled them (as the package says you can). Easy-peasy. The clean-up was less than five minutes. Seriously, does painting with a preschooler get better than that?

above: red+blue = purple, for Magaw. Below his fingers got in on the action.
below: marker + paint.

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John and Pam said...

Thank you JOhn Isaac!!! I LOVE it! I loved your song, too! I played it several times; it was so sweet! Those are very nice pictures! You are one amazing grandson. I love you!


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