Sunday, June 8, 2008

Letter of the Week

People have asked before, "Where do you get your ideas for the letter of the week?"

It all started when I stumbled upon Starry Sky Ranch's blog. She was organizing a preschool (from what I understand, it was co-op like) and posted what she did each week. Until she discontinued her efforts midway through the alphabet, I was copying almost everything they did.

This week is the letter V at our house - the end is near! Tonight I finished planning the alphabet games. Because in a few days we are leaving for about 6 weeks (2.5 in Florida and 3.5 in KY).

Each week, I tried to document the activities. If you'd like a copy of the document, please feel free to download it here.

Some weeks are more thorough than others. In the fall, I plan to start again with the letter A. Not only will I repeat many of the same activities, I will try to fill in the gaps, or weaker weeks. Or, do for the first time some activities that we never accomplished!

My intentions initially were to brainstorm through these categories:
  • Person - could be someone we knew, Biblical character, historical figure, etc.
  • Place - geography, continents, states, cities, people groups we were praying for (We know tons of missionaries around the world & would try to send them a care package or at least pray for them during that week.) Before we put our house on the market, we had a huge world map on the wall next to our kitchen table. We would mark the coutries with post-it notes and a dinner we'd have a geography bee.
  • Thing - this was usually the easiest category

Sometimes I included

  • Food
  • Activity/Game
  • Books
  • Shapes/Colors

Hope these are a help to you. I'd love to hear feedback or the creative ideas you have.


MerrandaVK said...

Great Ideas. I am going to start doing the Five in a Row (literature based) and plan letters and letter blends soon here. I plan on using some of your wonderful ideas to support these stories. We too have our house on the market and it is hard to keep things "staged" while trying to provide a rich learning environment, eh?

Carisa said...

Hi Julie! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and joining in Tot School. You have some great ideas! Thanks for being so open to share too.

I browsed around your blog, you look like a fun family :).
:) Carisa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing what you have done a-z. I'll be using it someday!

melanie said...

I saw your comment over at No Time for Flascards and had to stop over and check out your blog. Love it!! You have great ideas.


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