Monday, June 2, 2008

U is for...

Umbrella was the buzz word at our house today. We made this simple craft using:
  • cup cake papers (cut in half)
  • pipe cleaners
  • cotton balls (clouds)
  • Elmer's glue
  • blue sugar for rain.

    The sugar was colored using the same method as the red rice, just a smaller quantity. It probably doesn't make a bit of difference, but FYI we used raw sugar.

    Shaking the sugar was a good small (or gross?) motor skill exercise. If we'd had some glitter on hand, I would have tried that. When he was spooning/shaking the sugar, I thought that it would have been fun for him to have a real shaker.
    Since we don't see much rain in our neck of the woods, we played with the umbrella outside to keep the sun off of us. I pulled out the hose and squirted him - he used the umbrella for protection. However, as you can see, he wasn't feeling too well. The boy who never sleeps took TWO naps today.

    Julie said...

    poor guy I pray he is feeling better soon!

    John and Pam said...

    John Isaac, I pray that you are feeling better today. Thanks for calling us when you did not feel so well.

    Super B's Mom said...

    What a fun activity. Your little boy is so cute. I hope he feels better.

    I found you by way of Boys Rule My Life :)


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