Monday, July 21, 2008

Ft. Boonesborough

My parents live within 30 minutes of Ft. Boonesborough. As a child, I LOVED going here - learning about and pretending to live in the pioneer days. A few years ago, I read this excellent biography of Daniel Boone.

Doesn't Mr. Intensity look like he's having fun? Squinting and scowling. He loves the camera. Not.

The guy below is throwing hatchets at a stump. Mr. Intensity was beginning to warm up to this place...they had knives!
Then he got to BAM something! This tool was used to crush corn.
And this is where the black powder (guns & ammo!) was stored. Waaaay cool.
He stood entranced for a loooong time watching the blacksmith BAM the hot metal, making nails.
We also learning about soap and candle making (which were a bit girlie for his likings). They were my favorites as a kid. We'll be back next summer.

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Shawna said...

So fun! Glad you guys are making lots of memories this summer! Have you guys moved to LR yet?? I'm assuming no...but, I'm kinda out of the "FamilyLife" loop these days, so...


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