Monday, July 21, 2008

Accents and Dialects

More than I care to recount, people have made fun of my accent. When I meet people for the first time (especially when not in the South) they ask, "Where are you from?" Which usually means, "Where is your accent from?"

It used to really bother me. In recent days I've really tried to think of it as something unique - to take pride in it.

If languages and dialects intrigue you, this is an article about the KY dialect you'll enjoy. Make sure to watch the video with the speech pathologist to hear how I articulate words..."ah" instead of "eye-ee."

Mr. Intensity definitely has a southern twang and can identify with saying "hay-uhd" for "head."

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John and Pam said...

That was pretty cool! Do you know I was riduculed for my accent? Although I was born and bred a Yankee, I quickly learned how to sound more Yankee when I went to college in Ohio. Then when I got my first teaching job in Louisville, I had to relearn my speech, because middle schoolers show no mercy and laughed their heads off when I said things "you guys" instead of "you all".
Did you notice that she is a speech "Pathologist". That's a bit creepy since pathology has such a negative tone in the medical field!
Do NOT lose your accent, Julie! It is part of your charm.


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