Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Houseboat

Lake Cumberland claims to be the houseboat capital of the world. A few weeks ago I learned that my brother has a houseboat there. (My sister called to tell me, and just so happens that I was eating spaghetti to save $$ that night...I'm trying not to be jealous.) Soon after acquiring such information, I emailed Brother to see if he'd let us mooch off him for a week. He agreed! It worked out that my sister & her family were able to join us. It was really fun and relaxing.

The friends that my brother has made on the dock are like family to him. Below is a picture of us borrowing a friend's "run around boat." This picture of Mr. Intensity & cousin Nolan cracks me up. They were playing "bad guys" - my lil man has Nolan tied in ropes. Nolan thought it was great.
Hubby & lil man are floating. Despite my crazy fear of the lake water, I did submerge myself a few times. Each time I felt sheer panic...don't know why. Swimming in a pool doesn't bother me a bit.
Mr. Intensity LOVED driving the jet ski - I think it was because he felt so in control of power machinery. Notice that Hubby is not touching the handle bars.Below the lil mister is playing with an extension rod he found. He made up a game where he picked up objects and dropped them into a cooler.
My sister, mom & me with the kiddos on the dock. Yes, my guy is wearing PJs.
Driving home, Mr. Intensity played with a stack of post-it notes in the back seat, as he listened to stories on the iPod. Seriously, he played with those papers for at least an hour. If I'd given him the paper and said, "Play with these for an hour..." he would have refused.
Love the scowl, don't you? He said, "stop taking pictures!"


Seven's Heaven said...

OH, how wonderful to be with your family and where it's cooler! I am so glad for you. Albeit has always been my dream to get outta Dodge for the summer. A few weeks here and there help!
Doing a podcast this week on Purity. Should be fun. Mmm, 3 girls, hope I have something to say, if not, how about The Word?!

John and Pam said...

You will have to put an album together someday and put the last picture on front. I am so glad you don't "stop taking pictures"!!!

MajorScoop said...

Sounds like fun. I used to go out on the Ohio and to Turtle lake with friends/family when I was growing up and LOVED it. Jet skis are the bomb.


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