Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gold Boogers

During our layover in St. Louis, Mr. Intensity found a gold bead on the floor and began to play with it. I'm working on not being a control freak so I ignored the fleeting thought to tell him, "Don't put that up your nose." Afterall, it's been 1.5 years since the last peanut-up-the nose incident.

Since then I've repeatedly asked him, "What's the only thing that should go up your nose?" To which he replies, "My finger."

He still can't blow his nose. Hubby thinks that if he could, we wouldn't have needed the tweezers. And let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. He didn't like the feeling of tweezers up the nose.

I didn't have any tweezers and wasn't sure that we could find any (b.c of the security crackdown since 9/11.) But, the Lord provided a sweet mother of four to give us her tweezers to extract the wayward gold booger. She didn't want them back. Can't imagine why.

We landed in Phoenix at 9pm local time (which was midnight on the body clock.) Mr. Intensity fell asleep during the descent - and not a minute earlier, mind you. He was in such a deep sleep we couldn't wake him and had to carry him through the airport.
We just laid him on the floor in the baggage claim area. He never woke up
...except at 5:00 this morning (ugh) to tell us he wanted his pajamas - but thankfully we were able to convince him to go back to bed (which never happens). He slept till 6:30.
It's 9am, 91 degrees, and the boys are swimming. It's good to be HOME!!!


John and Pam said...

He looks so tired! I am glad you made it home safely.
So terrible about the gold up the nose, but I am glad it came out alright!

missy said...

i am lol. this is a great story and memory. what a way to top off all your summer travels!!!

Julie said...

that is so funny! I cannot believe he did that. Eli stuck something up his nose once... I wonder why kids do that? Very funny and not funny at the moment trying to get it out! Glad you are home. Do you travel somewhere else now?

MerrandaVK said...

Funny about his nose. My girl was notorious for doing that, but she finally grew out of it - thankfully! And my Justin didn't learn to blow his nose until just a few weeks ago and he'll be 5 soon! Cute pics of the incident :)

mbl said...

glad you made it home safely. It's 104 degrees here today. Not sure what it was at 9 am. HOT. you think he learned this time not to stick things up his nose? Probably no. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Glad you are home.


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