Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feel the Love?!

As we were making our way out the door this morning (which is always a process) I asked Mr. Intensity if he were wearing shoes.

Quickly he responded with one of his lovely rhymes, "No-Ho."

I didn't think anything about it until he came back with, "Did you hear that?! I just called you a ho!" Lest I loose my sanity, I just chuckled. I don't think he knows what he just called me.

Fast forward to this afternoon. We were in the car and unprovoked, he blurted, "I hate you."

Why? I do not know. Maybe to get a response from me? I tried not to show it but it did hurt my feelings.


Shannon said...

Josh seems to be finally through with that particularly lovely phase. We tried ignoring the mean comments and eventually we just sent him to timeout everytime he was intentionally cruel. He hates to be out of the action so that worked for us.

Hope you find what works for you guys and try not to take it personally. Although I have to admit to shedding a few tears from frustration after he had gone to bed during that time.

reprehriestless warillever said...

My response to that one has always been, "I still love you."

Or when I am feeling particularly short-tempered, I answer, "That's too bad. You're stuck with me anyway."

Can you tell that I have heard it often?

Julie said...

I AM SO SORRY. I know that doesn't feel good and it is rough to hear it. I am blessed with Eli, but Jasper is not at all cuddly (eventhough he needs to be near me...I cannot even give him the bottle in my lap, he wants to take it and move). I could say a million things, but nothing will take away that stomach knot frustrated moment. I will pray that God encourages you THROUGH your little and big guy today!!! Hugs from Hungary!


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