Friday, August 1, 2008

Tape Times Ten

My friend Shelley sent the most fun package yesterday. She mailed not one, two or even three rolls of tape. The Masking Tape Momma sent TEN rolls to Mr. Intensity!!!

Oh man. He hit jackpot. He was (and still IS!) in boy heaven.

First they went on the arm...then stacked into a tower. And, if that wasn't enough, he enjoyed the packing peanuts, too! They went inside the tower of tape.
Look at the cute lil smirk. He loves this stuff. You should have seen the wild menagerie of a spider web he made in our house before dinner. I didn't take a picture, b.c I was crazy busy preparing for the dinner guest. AND! My right hand was swelling and had a weird rash on it. When I woke up yesterday, my thumb was streaky red and a bit swollen. I think a spider bit me. Today my very swollen thumb has a strange blister on it. My index and ring fingers also have a rash but thankfully no blister. All this to say, I was freaking out before dinner and not thinking of pictures...I was calling everyone I knew who could give me answers about spider bites.

If you noticed, his crane shirt is one of a kind. I joined the freezer-paper-stenciling bandwagon. Everyone is doing it. The first I remember seeing it was on the Artful Parent's blog. Warning: if you start one - it is addictive. I'm already scheming to do more.


MajorScoop said...

I SO wish I would have thought of that ;)

John and Pam said...

I love his shirt.
What's up with the problem with your hand? Is it better? Did you discover what it is? Maybe you are allergic to heat!!!


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