Friday, July 11, 2008

Redneck Games

Here's how rednecks spend an evening.

1. Making a sled from a flat screen box and rope.

2. Stacking cups (BTW, have you seen the world record holder? Uh-maz-ing.)

3. Bean bag bowling
4. Thowing knives. I told y'all we were a knife loving family.
It looked so fun I had to get in on the action.
Grandpa scored three on his last throw. I think it was the power of the Nemo sticker on his sleeve...or maybe the masking tape used to adhere the box to the tree?!


John and Pam said...

You are so funny! Do you see the intensity on the face of Mr. Intensity's Mama?!!!

Mandy said...

Julie ~ I've just been catching up on your life. What a fun adventurous summer you are having! This is our first summer at home ~ EVER ~ I think ~ on staff.

I love your blog & I think I might try your bug spray.

I have an awful memory and I have been trying to remember what SSG stand for and I cant'!!!

Has your house sold yet?

Miss you:)

Rachel and Kyle- said...

I like your blog. My husband and I are originally from Louisville, KY and now living in CT. Thanks for sharing!


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