Thursday, July 10, 2008

Warehouse Clearance

FamilyLife is having their annual Summer Warehouse Clearance. Get up to 80% off selected titles and resources.

There are so many books and resource they have discounted, I can't hightlight them all but some of the titles that I would recommend:

Don't Make Me Count to Three - one of my all time favorite parenting books. If you get the book, go ahead and get the Wise Words for Moms chart. You won't regret it.

What Heaven is Like - hardback for kids $7.80

The Squire & The Scroll (ages 3-11) the hardback picture book focuses on how to face dangers of temptation. Mr. Intensity loves this book...dragons, swords, bravery. I can't wait to do the devotional (for ages 6-11) with him.

The same author wrote a book book gals. The sweet purity story of The Princess and the Kiss there's also a companion devotional. One mom recently told me she did the devotional with her daughter and a group of girlfriends. This is a must buy book for little girls.

The Treasure Tree is a hardback book about 4 personalities and how they solve problems differently (lion, otter, beaver, golden retriever). I bought this book a loooong time ago and pulled it out just before we left to bring it with us. It's a new favorite. Mr. Intensity LOVES this book. We keep asking him which character he most identifies with (the lion) but he says a different one (except the lion!) each time.

Trusty is a hardback book about a faithful train with a cute rhyme and delightful illustrations. You won't find this at Amazon because the publisher is all about resurrecting really old books and reprinting them. Trusty isn't an old book (it's written by the president of Lamplighter Publisher) but it's a goodie - esp. if your son loves trains.

Hymns for a Kid's Heart is a book that I've mentioned before, that our church is using. We've greatly enjoyed it for family devotions at our house. There's a CD included in the book.

If you or your child struggles with anger, this is a good book. I'd never felt such intense anger before Mr. Intensity. I really enjoyed the book and discussed it with a group of mom friends.

Matthew was Adopted tells a story of the different ways and reasons kids are adopted. It's only $5 and would be a neat gift for a family who's planning to adopt.

Simply Romantic Nights - "24 Romantic Adventures" If you're stuck in a rut, it will help you with date night ideas for you & your man...very creative & steamy. :) You plan 12 and he plans 12.

Secret Keeper Girl - dates for moms and girls (8-12) - the focus is on modesty.

Boz the Bear DVDs - he's like a Christian Barney. I like Boz - he's one of the few DVDs that Mr. Intensity watches.

Resurrection Eggs for Easter. It's $8.69, which is 42% off retail. Benjamin's Box is a great hardback book to accompany the eggs.

and just for kicks - my hubby is the cover model for this book.


Julie said...

thanks I am going to check them out!

AnniePat said...

thanks! i ordered wise words for moms...


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