Thursday, July 10, 2008

KY Fun

After breakfast this morning, brave and patient Grandpa took Mr. Intensity fishing. I had a date with my pillow and couldn't make it. However, I did rise in time to take the picture of them walking home (the lake is two houses down the street.) They didn't catch any fish but many earthworms sacrificed their lives for the cause.

About 10am, Mr. Intensity and I drove to Otter Creek Park to meet my sister and her 3 kiddos. The drive was BEAUTIFUL! It's so GREEN here.The main attraction was the newly installed "water park."
Below is my best attempt to get them to pose for a group picture. Lto R: Haley (7y.o), Mr. Intensity (3.5), and Nolan (4).Layla (18 months), the bathing princess. Love the curls, doll.
I'm experiencing a bit of reverse culture shock. Growing up in KY, I took so many things for the small white clover flowers that grow in the yard. As we walked out of the nature center at Otter Creek (which was ULTRA cool, and free), Mr. Intensity picked a flower and gave it to Nolan. It was so sweet. Mr. Intensity doesn't have flowers that grow in his desert yard.

Last night we visited old friends. When we pulled into their driveway, Mr. Intensity noticed the guy across the street on a riding mower. He said, "What's that, momma?" Most of the mowers he sees in Phoenix are the industrial sized ones without steering wheels.

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Just Me said...

Wow! Brings back memories - I grew up in Elizabethtown, not too far from there. Here in TX we don't have much "green" either.


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