Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where's Mr. Intensity?

When we left Florida, we headed north to Kentucky. Both of our parents (and most siblings) live here. This week we're staying with Hubby's parents in Louisville. Next week, we're vacationing on my brother's houseboat. The week after, we'll be at my parents' farm in eastern KY.

So you ask, "Why spend 3 more weeks away from home?" Um, have you seen how HOT it is in Phoenix? Yesterday there was a 30 degree differential between the two cities.

In all seriousness, there is a real reason we're in KY for 3 weeks. Mostly, because Hubby is working from home, as long as he has internet access he can work. It doesn't matter where Mr. Intensity and I play. And secondly, since we don't get a paycheck from FamilyLife, we are working to raise more support. Most of the people who financially support us live in KY, it only makes sense to be here to get more referrals.

Enough of the boring stuff - let me tell you how Mr. Intensity is coping. He LOVES being at the grandparents' house. This morning Magaw took him outside to explore the backyard with shovels. They had to come back in b.c the mosquitoes were eating them alive. They forgot to wear my bugspray.

Next I gave him a huge block of ice to bam. He still loves to do this. We done it so many times this summer. Today we added a twist. After the block was busted, we brought out some table salt and watched the ice melt faster. Of course he had to taste it! I was totally grossed out watching him eat handfuls of salt.

Then he noticed the dirt between the cracks of the deck. Magaw gave him a plastic knife and he LOVED working to get it out.

A few days ago Magaw bought Mr. Intensity SIX rolls of tape. (Grandmothers sure love to spoil!) He has enjoyed every inch. He actually taped me into the chair.

Which reminds me of a story from last week...when we were eating breakfast in the hotel one morning, Mr. Intensity brought his roll of tape. A little girl, about 7 years old, kept watching Mr. Intensity do his magic with the tape. At one point he'd taken me captive and taped me to the chair. She came over and said to him, "You're going to waste all that tape." He ignored her.

Silly girl, of course he would use all the tape.

A few minutes later she came to me and said, "He's going to waste all that tape." Yes, darlin', he will use every bit of the tape and it's the best 75 cents I'll spend all day.


mbl said...

I knew I should have checked here first. YOu guys are going to have so much fun!! I love the Mr. Intensity stories. Keep 'em comin'. Maybe I should buy some tape for the car ride!!

Stephanie said...

Free "Disney" and .75 tape for entertainment... you sure know how to save money! Tatum always has to try the salt when we bake and it grosses me out, too. Thanks for the great gardening links, BTW!

Charissa said...

Sorry we missed you guys on the way to Kentucky. Say hi to the Bluegrass.

reprehriestless warillever said...

I'm so glad that you get the opportunity to spend time with family. It is nice having flexible schedule, isn't it?


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