Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tape Sticks Again

That's tape. Guess who's been here?
Fun story from today: I'm driving with my niece (7y.o) & nephew (4.5y.o). Mr. Intensity brought his nifty roll of tape. All three kiddos are in the back seat.

Niece says, "That's really expensive stuff. You shouldn't waste it like that."

Mr. Intensity: No it's not.

Niece: Well, my momma's tape is really expensive and we can't play with it. (They are in the midst of packing boxes and moving.)

So - you wanna guess what made me The Best Aunt in the World?

All three kids now possess their very own roll of masking tape.

Update: see also here and here.


jojoebi said...

this looks like fun but who cleans it up?

Julie said...

Usually he cleans it up - but when he doesn't (as was the case the day I took this picture) - the clean up isn't bad b.c the tape sticks to itself. Last night we made a HUGE ball from it and played baseball in the yard with it. The ball was a perfect size...he could actually hit it!

MajorScoop said...

So funny.


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