Wednesday, August 27, 2008

$1 Night @ BR

Tuesday night is $1/scoop night at our Baskin Robbins. We haven't been for a while.

Since Mr. Intensity heartily ate his dinner (except the spinach) we decided to go for ice cream. BTW, I didn't particularly like the spinach, either. If I make that recipe again, I'll use twice the beans and half the spinach.

Once at Baskin Robbins, I discovered a new flavor of the month: Jamoca Oreo. Oh man! It is YUMMY.

So yummy, in fact, that I went back for a second scoop. Afterall, it was only a dollar - right?

Well - I paid for it - in more than one way. About 11pm I was wide awake in my bed and couldn't figure out why I wasn't falling asleep. I felt like I had...caffeine. Then it struck me: it was the ice cream!! Wish I'd used more self control.


John and Pam said...

That's a pretty funny story, Julie! I remember going to BR with you 3. sweet memories. And thanks for the info about the caffeine in the new flavor.

Julie said...

that is so funny... i could drink a mt dew (well they don't have them here but I did in college) and then go to bed. Caffeine does nothing for me...


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