Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stroking More Egos

Early yesterday Mr. Intensity informed me, in somewhat an exasperated tone, "Mom! You're missing all the fun! Come out on the patio."

The construction crew for our parking lot was in high gear pouring concrete. Of course we had to get an upclose and personal encounter. It was a learning endeavor for both of us.

All of our gawking and question asking had to encourage these burly men. I asked one of the guys why they used concrete in the middle of the parking lot instead of all asphalt. He said, "Concrete channels the water better, it's smoother. Asphalt seems to soak it up." Mr. Intensity was mesmorized by all the power machinery.

At one point in the conversation, I pointed to where we live. One guy responded, "Yeah, we saw your little boy watching us on the patio."



That -->

Looks like this:
Which form this:
After sweating watching for about an hour we went inside to get our remaing otter pops. One worker told us, "I'd rather have a beer!" Um, it's 10am?! He was kidding...or was he?

Totally unrelated:

- I also learned yesterday that it's next to impossible to make the /m/ sound when holding your nose. Try it.

- Today I turned in our adoption application - which was a boat load of paperwork and documents.

- I forgot to confess tell you about another hair brained idea. I read somewhere that if you put two tennis balls in your dryer that it reduces drying time by 25%. I bought new tennis balls. It sounded like a battle field in my kitchen! Not to mention, the clothes smelled like rubber once dry. Any suggestions (other than to just can the balls)?

-Indian Spinach Tofu is in my crockpot. What are you having for dinner?


MerrandaVK said...

You are sure are always havin' fun over there!

yes dryer issues.. well I use Shaklee fabric softner. It's not the most cost effective, but it is natural, fragrance free, ect.. so I don't have to use dryer sheets. It does help with static too. But we get a deal as my in-laws are distributors.

Dinner was mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, cantelope, and left over veggie pizza. I am trying to eat up my fridge before we leave for our small trip tomorrow. I should be folding laundry FROM my dryer now..... instead I am checking my favorite blogs....

John and Pam said...

Looks like fun times for the little man. Sorry it is so hot!!

Holly said...

Our dinner last night was the bomb dig...I used leftover grilled teriyaki chicken and made chicken fried rice with veggies and had cream cheese wontons and mini egg rolls from the freezer section. It was delish.

Love the children's museum pics! And, I'm so excited for you guys about the adoption process!

Megret said...

We tried Sweet & Sour Tofu Stir-Fry from her site tonight. Yum-o!

And oh, Otter Pops! I can't find them 'round here anymore. I grew up on those things.


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