Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Best Part of Staying Home

Today I had a taste of why I love being a SaHM. Afterall, if I were at a real job, I wouldn't get to eat my lunch (in 103* weather) watching HUGE machinery crush asphalt. Our townhouse complex is getting new pavement. One little boy is ultra excited.
The thing above is called "the Recycler." It digs up old asphalt and dirt then packs it to make a good base for the new pavement. I know b.c Mr. Intensity wanted me to stroke the egos of the ask construction guys. The Recycler driver asked Mr. Intensity to get on, but he refused. The guy even turned off the engine to try to persuade the googly-eyed preschooler to climb aboard. I told Mr. Intensity that I would go, too. No dice.

Yesterday we stood in the sun and watched the City of Phoenix crew clean the sewer in front of our house. It was too gross for words (but I still wish I had my camera!) They had a huge truck that flushed the sewer (with 1000psi of water) then sucked the sludge back into the truck. When I looked into the man hole, I saw a bazillion 3-inch roaches dancing *make my skin crawl.* Then, another employee came with a rat trap, complete with dead rat. It was actually humorous to me that they used the 6" vacuum hose to suck the rat into the truck. Less I digress...back to today's big truck episode.
Above: Mr. Intensity is testing the Recycler's work, obtaining a specimen to take to Daddy - who later joined us for lunch. Below is a grater, for you non-truck loving wierdos (of whom, I was one before Mr. Intensity).
If it weren't so cotton-pickin' hot outside, we'd still be standing in the sun watching the big boys play in the dirt.


A said...

Oh-my! My two would have been glued all day too. They luuuurve all big machinery. I guess that means I love it too now! :)

John and Pam said...

How fun!!
I am still dragging my mind away from your description of the sewer though! I'll never think of them the same way again. Creepy gross!!!
Anyway, what a fun time that would have been for JI to ride on a grater, or is it grader? (I cant' get back to your home page to find out without losing what I have already written.) I am glad he gets to watch at least. What a fun little guy. :)

MerrandaVK said...

Such a funny read tonight! Gross about the sewer, but thanks for sharing :)

We live in a small town, but in a new development, so we are always seeing big machinery outside our window, and the kids NEVER tire of watching them work.

(love your cross out comment about stroking the drivers egos. you crack me up!)

CC said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a bad and expensive feeling of what will be found in our sewer lines. We've been having this trouble for 7 YEARS. Imagine what it will be like?!


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