Saturday, September 13, 2008

Firefighter Challenge

Boy heaven - that's what the Firefighter Challenge was this morning.

"This is HEAVY!!!"
Besides seeing all the firefighters, the competition was fun to watch.  

The relay event ran one person ran up 4 flights of stairs to pull a hose over the balcony then back down to tag the next person.
Below is target practice.
This firefighter is pulling a dummy that weighs 180 lbs.  It took two people to return the dummy to the starting point...on a rolling cart!  Not to mention that this guy is wearing 80 lbs of gear.  That would be like me carrying two of Mr. Intensity on my back while dragging my husband in 100* weather.  No thanks.
I'm so thankful for the fire department! 

We also talked to a police man on a motorcycle.  I saw he was wearing a Taser so I asked if he had pistol on the other side.  He said, "Of course, this is Phoenix."  As if to say - crazy people live in this town.  I know, I think they're all in my neighborhood.  :)  

Which reminds me of a gun story.

When I picked up Mr. Intensity from preschool on Thursday he was a bit forlorn.  After probing he told me that, "I can't shoot my guns at school.  They won't let me!  Momma, they're (guns) just pretend.  I was just using my finger."

I told him that just like there are "different rules for different families," there are some rules obeyed at school that are ignored at home.  And some rules from home will be ignored at school!  He loves to hear stories, so I told him about when I was a girl that I had to wear shorts to my knees to school, but when at home I could wear them shorter.  

The explanation and story seemed to satisfy him.


Sadie said...

Looks like a great event!! I don't think we have anything remotely like that around here.

Michele said...

Looks like fun!

Just tonight I had to use my "because I'm not their mama" response when the girls asked why the girl next to them at Costco was allowed to stand on the table and eat.

MerrandaVK said...

Wow, that does look like fun. Living in a small town limits the exposure to those kinds of things :)

Oh, and I ALSO went to a school that required my clothing to me down to my knees..

Oh, and we are GAINING so much from the book Family Worship. Seriously has revolutionized our outlook for our family.


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