Sunday, September 14, 2008

It Is Finished

The parking lot re-paving project is complete.  Our family, more than any other in our complex, enjoyed every single moment

When Mr. Intensity woke on the day they were finally paving, he said, "I want to wear my dump truck shirt like the one outside!" He even wanted to eat his snack on the patio so as not to miss a minute of action.
We had the incredible privilege of donating some water and talking to the roller operator.  Actually both the big and little rollers needed refills.  As the worker on the big roller wiped sweat from his brow, he exhorted Mr. Intensity to "stay in school."

One of the men told us that this was the biggest job they'd completed all year.  I'm glad to be a part of the economic stimulation!  These guys provided a month's worth of ample entertainment.  Tomorrow they begin phase II in our complex.
Mr. Intensity and I passed our our remaining popsicles.  We talked to one dump truck driver who said, "I actually own an appliance store.  I just love driving this truck so I pay other guys to run the store."  The same man said, "I'm so glad the weather is cooler this week."  It was 104* that day.  :)
I learned several things about asphalt:
- it's 350* (177* C) when it comes out of the truck.  Can you imagine working 12 hr. days in 110* (43* C) weather on top of 350* asphalt?  Ick.
- the guys pour diesel on their shoes so they won't stick to the black stuff
- the rollers have vibrators in them and if they vibrate too much, the asphalt with crack.  We could feel the vibration inside our house! 
Here he's taking a small reprieve from watching and making his own construction site.
The very last day of the paving, we went to watch the guys painting stripes on the asphalt.  Mr. Intensity said, "I'm going to hide so they don't see me."  
The men eventually saw him.  And they smiled.  I think the guys LOVED that a blondie was following them.


Whit said...

Hey Julie! Thanks for the encouragement- it's great to hear from you as well as look at pics of your family and get some quality updates! much love to you guys...

Sadie said...

My boys would be plastered to the scene too. We live in the middle of rural no we have tractors.

My oldest did get the butterfly kit for his birthday. We haven't sent off yet...but we did hatch our own this summer... and we've been on a butterfly kick all summer, one of the reasons I wanted to see our zoo's gardens

Sadie said...

The fisrt link didn't come out right; it was supposed to be this

John and Pam said...

What a great time for JI. What a miserable job for those guys...


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