Friday, September 19, 2008


Hubby and I like to dress up for Halloween.  The first opportunity we had to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, I wore my wedding gown, hideous make-up, jewelry and bubba teeth.  The kids didn't know what to think of me; the moms screamed/laughed with hysteria.

Last year our family had a patriotic theme.  Hubby was Uncle Sam, I was Lady Liberty and Mr. Intensity was an Army Man.

This year, I'm not sure how we'll dress.  Hubby wants to go as reformation characters.  I want to see him shave the top of his head, first.

Which brings me to this year.  Has anyone else been disturbed by what's in the Halloween aisle at Target?  It's rather disturbing.  Call me prudish, old fashioned, or with a selective memory but I don't remember all the gore being there five years ago. 

Mr. Intensity is drawn to that stuff.  He stands and stares at it.  He is mesmerized by the groaning skulls, floating eye balls, and chopping axes.  I can hardly pull him away.

Yuck.  I really don't like it.  Even more - I don't like that he likes it.  

So - what I've decided (and hope I can stick with it!) is that I'm not taking Mr. Intensity with me to the store until Halloween is over.  Am I being overprotective?


John and Pam said...

About the reformation characters, wouldn't Martin Luther have stopped shaving the crown of his head when he stopped being a monk? If so, John would not have to shave his head. (I hope that is right, because I don't want to see it!) And which characters would you and JI be?

Julie said...

I love your family. You need to come to Hungary and play with us!!! Seriously. I wish I could have been in Target with you. I miss all the seasonal decorations and candy and fun stuff! Miss it. Oh and we have a friend going back to America next weekend and I wanted to send some mail with him... some chocolate for you and JI and hubby too if he likes it. Please make sure I have the right adress...thanks!

The Ortega's said...

I also miss all the Halloween stuff back in the States being here in Tenerife at the moment. I am lucky this year and get to go back for a visit at the end of October so we will get to do the pumpkin patches and such. Thanks for the warning... I too will be keeping my boys out of the Halloween section of Target! I don't think you are being overprotective at all. There is plenty of time for that gore later on...he'll end up finding it on his own.

Jennie said...

You're not being prudish at all! I had to endure a 20-minute conversation in the car yesterday, trying to explain to my daughters that the cackling witch at Costco was not real. My 4yo kind of got it, but my 2yo was seriously freaked out. Add to that the hideous zombie slashing at passersby with a bloody knife at Party Depot, and I'm now at the point where I'm afraid to take my girls anywhere - even the grocery store!

Megret said...

It's a shame that halloween has grown to a scary experience for the most part. Even last year, some of the kids that showed up at our door after we'd returned from our neighborhood trick-or-treat walk were SO scary I blocked the kids' view of them as I handed them treats!

You aren't being overprotective -- I would do the same thing -- I consider it "guarding your heart" -- the same way I keep the kids from watching things on DVD or TV (even kids' programming) that just pushes those limits a bit too far.


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