Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today Hubby and I celebrate 9 years of marital bliss.  Seriously, it has been wonderful.  I feel so grateful to be married to such a kind man.

I hacked into his blog nominated myself as guest blogger on his blog today.  Read it if ya want.


Tabitha Blue said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Happy Anniversary. It's an accomplishment in this day and age. Keep it up!!

Charissa said...

Thanks to my fantastic Google Reader that you guys encouraged me to set up I saw your post this morning. What a fabulous example of encouragement - we just had a structured date about that last night in the "Marriage Alive" class we are taking at church. Gold star to the tech savvy wife of 9 years - BTW I loved the barn and the airplane!

Julie said...

Congrats and ENJOY it!! I pray you have something fun set up for today or this weekend. I love the post you wrote about your husband. What a beautiful reflection of your realtionship!

MerrandaVK said...

Yes, the arrival of every anniversary is to be celebrated! Congratulations. Again, just wanted to say that you have been such a wonderful encouragement in my online life the past few months - Merranda

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