Friday, September 26, 2008

Hole in the Rock & Zoo

Some friends went with us to Hole in the Rock today - before going to the zoo.

Mr. Intensity found his favorite thing at the zoo- the green tractor!

And, a bird found me. I was pooped on for the millionth time.  ICK.  Thankfully one of my friends had baby wipes and came to my rescue.


Julie said...

those are awesome pictures... I am off to check out the Kirk Cameron interviews, I had a crush too, what woman of the 80's didn't?

John and Pam said...

I love the hole in the rock picture! Good job!
Sorry about the bird droppings!!

John and Pam said...

Also, I'll bet JI is one of the few whose Grandpa owns a tractor, and of the fewer still who has a Momma who has driven one. :) No wonder it is his favorite.

MerrandaVK said...

My whole bedroom door was covered in Kirk C. posters as a pre teen :)

I just love your lil' guy on the tractor. Great photo. What fun things you have to do where you live.


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