Sunday, September 28, 2008

Living in the Wild West

Arizona is not just the Grand Canyon State but we also have a rich history with cowboys. Saturday our family attended the Wild Western Festival where "history meets Hollywood" on the set of CJS Studios.

Mr. Intensity ate a drippy cone at 9:30am.  We're the best parents, ever.
Many people walked around in period clothing.  This lady made her parasol and handbag.
Hubby enjoyed the Native American singing/dancing the best.  The lady's "cone dress" is made from 365 lids from Copenhagen.  They told a story of how a modern village elder had a dream to make this dress (using the resources available) and perform a dance and his grandson would get well.  Now across the nation, Native Americans make and wear the dress.
Moontee Sinquah, from the Hopi nation, performed the hoop dance that his sons taught him 3 years ago. He is one athletic and agile man!
Not all the cowboys wore brown leather.  These were pretty and shiny!
Not all the cowgirls were for show.  Some put on a show.  Here's a video of Pistol Packin' Paula
 She packed two Colt .45 single action revolvers, weighing 2.5 lbs each.

Mr. Intensity enjoyed riding a train on the set.
Stunt men put on a show...and there's a good reason they're stunt men and not actors.  
The Buffalo Soldiers made an appearance.  I couldn't believe they were wearing wool in 105* weather!
I also learned cowboys wear chaps for a reason and not just for fashion.  They protect against rope burn when roping/branding a steer or from the thorns when riding on the range.  

And, the bandana worn over the mouth (think: bandits) is to protect from dust storms and is actually called a wild rag.  A cowboy connoisseur told us the name came from when the "ladies" of the saloon would rip a big block of their dress and give it to the cowboy to remember her.

We stayed for about 4 hours, though Hubby and Mr. Intensity could have stayed longer.  The dust and heat wears me out. I brought 4 huge Nalgene bottles of water and they were empty when we left.  I napped on the way home.  It was a fun day.


Julie said...

that looked like so much fun! Wow, I think that is amazing fun. I know Eli would have loved it!!!

I also agree with the early morning ice cream... we have been known on hot days to let ELi have some. Everyone here seems to eat it for breakfast in the summer. It is funny

John and Pam said...

What great memories you made! If you ever see old movies of the Wild West, you can measure their authenticity now. I can imagine the fun JI had!

John and Pam said...

BTW, about the wool, I was told by a Civil War re-enactor that wool actually was cooler in warm weather because it wicks away the sweat and helps to cool the person. I find that hard to imagine and I am glad I wasn't the one to test that theory.


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