Friday, September 5, 2008

Lunch Box

Look at that sassy expression. He didn't want his face in the picture but he is the proud owner of a lunch box.

Why?  He's going to preschool 2 mornings a week.  I never thought it would happen since I'm a rather hard core advocate for mothers caring for their children.  In February I wrote about the myth that preschool is to learn socialization.   

My socialite-off-the-charts-extrovert absolutely LOVES it.  I love the time for me.  Since we live 2,000 miles from family (aka free childcare), "preschool" is time for me to schedule doctor, dentist and hair appointments or maybe grocery shop by myself. :)  

When I picked him up the first day, Tuesday, his response will forever be etched in my mind.

I arrived a few minutes early and met another mom in the classroom.  The children were still out playing.  She told me how hard it was for her daughter to be there, who just wanted to be at home.  The other mother said, "She could play for 2-3 HOURS in her room, by herself."

Really?  That's possible?  There are children who will do that?  Unfathomable. 

Mr. Intensity HATES to be in his room by himself and only does it for mandatory "room time" after lunch.

My conversation with the other mom was interrupted by the children bounding into the room.  Just like in a movie, the little girl ran to her momma and jumped into her arms - so glad to be with her.

My child, however, burst into tears upon seeing me.  The teacher walked over and said, "I don't understand.  He's been fine all day."

He was crying because he didn't want to see me.  He wanted to stay LONGER.

Love you, too, son.

I was able to convince him that all the other children had packed lunch in cute lunch boxes.  We needed to buy a lunch box. I promised that he could stay for lunch on Thursday.  Only then did he agree to go home with me.  But he wasn't happy about it.

Now he's the proud owner of a lunch box.  We gave it a test drive and ate lunch at the Children's Museum.  When we walked in, he showed the lady at the ticket counter and carried on with her for a full 5 minutes about how he's "going to preschool for two days a week, that's Tuesday and Thursday mornings, it's not very long but the kids bring their lunch and I had to get a lunch box...." and on and on.

He cracks me up.


Julie said...

every kid is so different, aren't they? I am SO THANKFUL to hear that you get a few hours to yourself during the week. What a blessing!!! I actually feel more limited now that Eli is in school, because Jasper naps from 10-12 and then I have to get Eli at 12:30... so I cannot go to a friends and let Jasper nap so we could hang out... I wouldn't get back in time to get Eli... ugh. Oh well.

Also, Eli started school this Monday and when I came to get him, he cried too. Wailed. He didn't want to go home either. He asked me on the way home why school was just for a short time. So, I am there with you Julie!

MerrandaVK said...

He cracks me up to! So great that he is loving it, it has to make parting with him easier:)

I'd sure like to meet these kids who play in their rooms for hours at a time.

I too, had wholly anticipated homeschooling full time this year, but with our home not selling, I just couldn't pass up the great little school in our town that Justin LOVES!

P.s. I am overly impressed with your spiderman cake. I am going to have to hire you to do my next kids' birthday *grin*

John and Pam said...

Shades of John C.
When I picked him up from Mother's Day Out, he said (loud enough for all the workers to hear) "Why are you here? I don't want to go home!"
You have every ounce of my sympathy.

Mom Guide said...

My son did the same thing during preschool. I would walk in the room and he would start bawling.

I told him "One day I going to take this crying personally." He said "Will that be the day I get to stay as long as I want?" ;-)

missy said...

you know i can relate to be dissed by your son!

enjoy the time to yourself to "recharge".


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