Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bounty from Food Co-op

This morning our family made our inaugural visit to pick up our Bountiful Basket of  produce.  If you live in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend it; if you have any questions email me: luvmyhub at gmail dot com.

For $18.50 the bounty included:

5 tomatoes on the vine
9 oranges
5 pears
3 yellow squash
2 English cucumbers
4 artichokes
2 avocados
7 bananas
bunch of purple grapes
7 apples
head of lettuce (not pictured)

Once at the pick-up point, the warehouse manager had his own "specials."  For $6, I bought 12 half-pints of blackberries and 6 bags of pre-packaged lettuce for $0.33/each!  He had other specials, but I wanted to practice a bit of self-control so that I wouldn't have buyer's remorse later.  :)


AnniePat said...

man, i am so jealous! this sounds like a great setup!

MajorScoop said...

Mmmm...lookin' good.

Shelley said...

That is so cool. I need to see if we have anything like that in the Dallas area. This would make me more likely to cook/prepare/serve things I don't usually buy. I have a hard time making dinner for Landon and I and including foods I don't care for - but he may really enjoy - if he tried them!

Shelley said...

Just found a recent (Aug) news article in the Dallas Business Journal about your "little" co-op.


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