Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool Art Group

Today's art group was rather uneventful.  I didn't do my normal planning since I had a super-splitting headache Tuesday night and went to bed at 8pm.  Last week, we didn't "do-art" for various reasons.  Instead we went to the Children's Museum; so this week's art was planned last week so I could participate in the Unplug Your Kids' theme- wax.

The children grated crayons with my mircoplane onto wax paper to make these stunning leaf shaped "sun catchers." They were quite enthused that the iron would cause the wax paper to stick to itself. Note to parents: make sure to
 cover the wax paper with newspaper so as not to ruin your iron. 

They also used oil pastels and watercolors since Lucas and Destany weren't with us the day we initially used them.

And, since Lucas didn't get to use the stencils two weeks ago, I pulled them out today.  It surprised me that Destany and John Isaac wanted to use them, too.  They all really enjoyed the oil pastels.

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