Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Informed Vote

I'm so thankful for my hubby.  I'm thankful that he's organized.  

Months ago, he set up a file to keep all the voting propaganda we received in the mail.  Me, I would have just tossed it all in file #13.  He had the forethought to keep it all to help us make informed decisions about this election.  

We voted tonight using our mail-in ballots.  The kitchen table was full of papers, trying to make sense of all the propositions on the ballot.  More than the paper mail, the internet was power. 

If you're in Arizona, below are some sites that will give you power to vote confidently.   Otherwise, here's a link to select your state.

2.  Guide for AZ Ballot Propositions

3.  Blog with info on Judges - I'm very thankful for that one!  Read it with discretion.  There were 41 Judges of the Superior Court on my ballot.  I knew nothing of any of them until I read this post.  This is another site, but you'll have to do a lot more digging to get the info needed to make a conscious vote.

While it's too late to register to vote in this election, if you're 18 and not a registered voter: SHAME ON YOU!!!  If you're an Arizona resident, click here and get registered.

If you don't have a mail-in ballot - PLEASE VOTE on November 4.  Too much is at stake to sit idly.  


Julie said...

we already voted... thanks for posting...

John and Pam said...

Great idea!


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