Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's for Supper?

I love to cook (#39).  I hate to menu plan.  When I menu plan, it makes me happy - I try new recipes like the ones below.

1. Vegetable Barley Soup - the taste reminded me of minestrone.  I liked that this soup makes a complete protein with the barley + garbanzo beans.  I soaked the barley for a few hours before cooking (b.c I've been learning about the benefits of soaking grains.)  The soaked barley reminded me and hubby of Sugar Smacks (remember Kellogg's cereal with the frog?)  I also added more celery and carrots than the recipe called, as well as a red bell pepper.

2. Quinoa and Black Beans (pronounced keen-wah)  We just love quinoa.  If you haven't used this grain as a side dish, you're missing out!  Look for it at your health food store in the bulk section.  Make sure to rinse it, too, before cooking.  It has more protein than any other grain and is a complete protein, on its own.

3. Energy Couscous - no sugar added.  Pulled this one off as "dessert" for Mr. Intensity.  


Julie said...

I have some quiona, but I don't know how to cook with it...

Linden said...

I LOVE your recipes, and I love quinoa. Thanks for these.



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