Thursday, October 30, 2008

Optimistic Yet Cautious

Yesterday's trip to Little Rock to meet the birth mother went smoothly.  The only hiccup was ...I almost missed a flight.  YIKES!

My alarm clock rang at 3:45am. I didn't really sleep, fearful that I would over sleep.  I made it on my first flight, no problems.  

When landing in Dallas, I turned on my cell phone to check on Mr. Intensity.  The time said 9:30 - little did I realize it was Phoenix time.  I thought I had plenty of time.  I was oblivious that my next flight left in 30 minutes.

The menu at Chili's was tempting; instead I sauntered to a magazine stand.  Flipping though Family Circle, I thought I heard my name on the intercom.  Sure enough - it was for me - they were about to close the door!  ACK!  

If I'd been in Chili's, I wouldn't have heard the page.  What's even more ironic is that the man that sat next to me on the PHX-Dallas flight was also going to Little Rock.  He *thought* his flight left at 3:30, but I told him I was on the noon flight.  He was grateful I corrected him.  When I rushed onto the plane, he said, "I was wondering where you were!"  Crazy. 

As for our meeting with the birth mother - I could say so much, but will refrain because I want to reserve some privacy.  However, feel free to ask me about more specifics, either in person or via email.

Below is part of an email my Hubby wrote this morning to a friend:

Thanks a ton for your prayers.  
It was an interesting meeting with the birth mother.  We picked her up at her house with her two kids and went for ice cream.  It felt like we were just visiting with a friend from church.  She was very down to earth.  The kids were great...  She seemed to like us and I think we connected with her as much as we could over a brief meeting.  I found out she liked to fish and read – so she must be a great person!  The birth father is incarcerated right now, so we didn’t get to meet him.  Before meeting the birth mom, we met with the attorney who had tons of helpful information for us.  She’s (atty) very optimistic that this will go through, but probably not without some drama.  (There has been a bit of drama in the 2 weeks we've been connected.)

Our attorney used the phrase, "optimistic yet cautious" since nothing is ever final until paper work is signed.  In Arkansas, we become legal parents 10 calendar days after the birth.  The b. mom wants us to be there for the induction and even cut the cord, if we want.  She said she wanted to see the baby, but only after the 10 day waiting period.  The due date is January 21.

Since we've met the b. mom and had so much contact with her, my mom was curious about "visiting rights" for later.  I told Mom that just like we welcome all kinds of friends to our house, the b. mom can visit any time she'd like (of course with in reason).  However, from talking with friends who have been in open adoptions, this usually doesn't become a problem.  From what I've read, an open adoption is best for the child.  It may become an emotional strain (for me), dealing with "drama" from the b. mom's life, but the child grows up knowing about his birth family. 

The next few months (and hopefully YEARS!) will be interesting...and FUN.  :)


Jennie said...

Wow. Just - wow. Totally praying for you and your family and the birth mother and her family. Have a safe trip home.

MerrandaVK said...

Thanks for sharing so much information. I think of you often as you go through this process. I hope you keep us all updated. Forgetting the time zone thing sounds like something I would do, but thankfully you made your flight! Blessings to you as you continue down this Optimistic path!

Anonymous said...

Yea! I am SO excited for you both!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Julie said...

Thansk for sharing...I am praying and will write an email later...

Seven's Heaven said...

Wow, sorry I've been out of touch. I will be praying too. What an amazing testimony you are to God's love.

John and Pam said...

This is so great! We keep you in our prayers.

missy said...

so glad to be a part of the adventure with you!!!


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