Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Whole Day?!

On Monday, I realized that Mr. Intensity was clueless that I'd be making a trip to Little Rock this week (to meet the birthmom).

Not knowing how he would receive such information, I tried to break the news gently. Hubby was already out of town, I didn't want Mr. Intensity to feel left out (b.c we were too cheap to buy him a plane ticket) I decided to disguise the news as a fun event.

Me:  Guess what?  You get to do something really fun this week.  Something you've never done before.

Mr. Intensity:  (suspicious, but trusting) Like what?

Me:  You get to go on your first sleep over!  At Zachary's house (his best-est bud in the whole widest world).

Mr. Intensity:  Yay!  I get to stay the whole night?

Me:  Yup - and - the next day, you get to go to preschool again.  Three days of preschool this week!

Mr. Intensity:  speechless.  He's hardly able to contain his excitement.  The wheels are spinning in his brain.  He missed last Thursday b.c of a fever and was totally bummed (cried, actually) that he couldn't go to school.

Me:  After school, you'll go back to Zach's house then Mrs. Jill will pick you up.  You'll get to have a second sleep over at her house!

Mr Intensity:  You mean that I get to spend a WHOLE DAY WITHOUT YOU?!!  Oh man!  A WHOLE DAY by MYSELF?!  Yeah!

Me:  Love you, too.  

Pray for our entire family on Wednesday.  Hubby and I meet with the birthmom at 3pm (Central Time).


Julie said...

lol, he DOES love you... it is just something different!!!

Praying for your trip!

John and Pam said...

Oh Julie, don't take it too hard! He is so like his Daddy. :)
You are in our prayers all day.

Michele said...

I'm excited for you! I will be praying that your time together would be blessed and that God would reveal His plan to you both :)

reprehriestless warillever said...

We prayed for you at circle time this morning. The girls were *so* excited to realize that other families adopt babies too :)

MajorScoop said...

gssvbfsafdassttcccccccv. That's from Hannah.

We all prayed for you during your time together.


Aisha said...

I know your pain, Julie. Morgan has that same independent, and seemingly "I don't need you!"-streak. I take comfort in knowing how secure she must feel in my love for her (that must be what it is, right?!?) and in thinking about what a self-assured young woman she will grow up to be!

We will be praying for your trip and for God's hand over your meeting. :)

The Eberle Family said...

Anxiously awaiting to hear how it went....praying for you guys!!

Julie said...

Thank you all for your prayers. They were definitely felt...several times yesterday (esp. when I almost missed my flight) I thought, "it's only b.c people are praying for us."

MerrandaVK said...

What a funny conversation!! How did the sleep over go?

Julie said...

Merranda asked about the sleep over. He had a blast. Both caregivers (2 nights, different houses) said he was an angel - which totally shocks me...esp. when he was at Zach's house. I thought for sure they would have had a hard time settling down.

Frank Martens said...

Hahahaha.... That's awesome.

That kid makes me chuckle every time I see him.


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