Tuesday, November 18, 2008


While I love being with people, Mr. Intensity has me beat on the extrovert scale.  He love-love-LOVES people and is absolutely energized by others.

Yesterday two friends came play and fill up his love tank.  After 2 hours of non-stop energy, we took them back their house.  Once alone in the car, with a forlorn scowl he said, "I'm so sad."

What on earth is causing you to be so sad?

"I don't like it when I'm by myself."

*note the new apron - I made it on Saturday.  He wanted a Christmas one (like I made for myself) but Hubby thought it a bit too girly.  The Thomas print was a bit more masculine. 


Anonymous said...

He is so funny. What does he do when he does find himself alone?

John and Pam said...

I love the apron!!! What fun he will have while he wears that.
I thought it funny that you think he is way more extrovert than you are. You 3 have to be finalists in the "Extrovert Olympics"! All of you are 9.something!!! I love watching you and even more going somewhere with you guys. It is such vicarious fun for me.

Julie said...

I LOVE that apron... that is so awesome...

And Eli is like that too...poor kiddos, they have such a hard life, don't they?

meggiemoo said...

I wonder if it's easier for extroverts to parent other extroverts and vice versa...my son, husband and I are all introverts, so we totally get it when our kid would rather play quietly at home than go over to a friend's house.

Julie said...

meggiemoo: I *dream* of an introverted child! Mr. Intensity doesn't play well by himself.
majorscoop: when he's alone - he's driving me crazy! :) thats one reason why we look for play dates.

meggiemoo said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. Although I suppose there are drawbacks to everything...my son hates noise, crowds, etc. It makes going to things like the circus challenging (if not unfeasible).

missy said...

i get you, JI!


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