Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Perfect" Cookies

When it comes to my kitchen, nothing is ever perfect; yet I strive for perfection.  Quite frequently I'm tweaking recipes to get it just right.

Two things that have helped me reach semi-perfection with chocolate chip cookies are: a cookie scoop and parchment paper.

There aren't too many kitchen gadgets that I would promote.  But the cookie scoop is one I'm ready to affirm.  It only took 9 years of marital bliss to break down and buy one, albeit at a thrift store for $2!  :)  The cookie scoop makes the dough in uniform balls therefore taking the guess work out of the process.  Plus - it was super fast to make these 12 dough balls.
As for tweaking recipes, I follow the exact directions on the back of the Nestle Tollhouse semi-sweet chips.  I even preheat the oven.  After nine minutes on the dot, I take out the pan.  The cookies will appear a bit under cooked.  They will firm up a bit more once out of the oven.  I promise.
See those golden edges?  This is where the parchment paper is paramount.  It takes the cookie from being yummy to being yummy AND pretty.  Slide the paper off your pan and onto the cooling rack and scoop up more dough.
The best part of using parchment paper?  The clean-up!  


Julie From Inmates said...

I don't have parchment paper. Who knew that would have made all the difference the past 10 years?

mub said...

Parchment paper is SUCH a time saver! I use it for baking almost everything!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. My parchment paper always seems to smoke in the oven. I usually use foil because I am too lazy to clean up.... however if you have a trick to stop the smoke I am all ears!

Those cookies look so good I could get one off the screen ;)

Shannon said...

I actually laughed out loud when you said I even preheat the oven! I think we would get along just fine in the kitchen! I am terrible about preheating. I did read somewhere that the only time you really need to do it is if you are making baked goods!

Julie said...

MajorScoop: I've been trying to steer away from aluminum (of all kinds.) The one thing alzeheimers cadavers have in common is aluminum in the brain. And, Alzheimer's has been in BOTH sides of my family. Aluminum in anti-persperant is the reason I make my own deodorant now.

Shannon: truth be told, I have a reputation for turning off the oven too early (trying to save pennies!) and have caused more than one dish/baking treat to be under cooked.

Bennie said...

Got my perfect cookies through Wisconsin Cheeseman.

Julie said...

Okay, so I asked for the knife you love for Christmas... and now I need to get one of these too huh? I was thinking about getting a small ice cream scoop, I didn't even know they had cookie scoops... so you recommend it huh?

Totallyscrappy said...

I heart my cookie scoop. Makes great meatballs, too!


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