Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Went fishing in the toilet again!  Yech.  

Somehow, a plastic cow fell in the poopy water.  "It was an accident, Mom!"

I was really tempted to flush it.


Shelley said...

Oh, I can't wait!! I'm sure we are not too far from "fishing" things out of the toilet! Hey, that is one positive of having an almost 3 year old who is NOT potty trained! I'm going to add that to my "come-back" list when people comment on Landon still being in diapers!!

Julie said...

Oh I am so sorry... yuck

Lauren said...

I think we need to get you a pooper scooper from the pet store;)

John and Pam said...

Oh what fun. So sorry!

Anonymous said...

The SECOND day we had Joshua I found him swishing his sippy cup in the toilet and cackling like a maniac - seriously, like the most fun he had ever had. Terri :) I am posting anonymously b/c google NEVER acknowledges me.


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