Friday, November 28, 2008


Wednesday night we hosted 14 singles for dinner, mostly from our church.  The Mayflower place cards were inspired by Martha. During the meal, everyone took turns asking questions (that I had prepared on the table).  Afterwards, Hubby directed everyone to switch tables so they could get to know others during dessert.   Despite my yawing at 8 o'clock, everyone had a grand time.

Yesterday was a rather lazy day for us, since our family is 2,000 miles away.  Throughout the day Hubby read aloud portions of Thanksgiving: a Time to Remember.  We ate leftovers for dinner - from the feast I'd made the day before.

This morning, I redeemed myself and made bagels.  We ate two a piece. They were oh-so-yummy - despite the expression on Mr. Intensity's face in the picture.  
And, if you're interested in reading our monthly newsletter, Hubby posted it on his blog.


Sadie said...

I made bagels once....though they didn't look quite as nice as yours-may try the recipe you posted, because they were really yummy!

Julie said...

wow, I am inspired to make bagels... haven't had one in a long time. There is one place here that sells them almost like in America, but a main bridge is closed down and we cannot get there easily by public now... so I don't go.

Sounds like a fun but tiring Thanksgiving! I am confident those singles appreciated the invite and all the yummy food.

Anonymous said...

looks like fun! Looking forward to Christmas!


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