Monday, December 1, 2008

Spreading Good Cheer

Anyone else feeling overwhelmed already? It's only the first day of December and I've seen a million cute crafty ideas in blog land!  This one post, alone, by the Crafty Crow makes my head spin.

My fall decorations are still out and about.  For whatever reason, this weekend I didn't feel like getting out the Christmas decor.  Hopefully I'll get to it sometime later today.

Here is one idea I'll use to put you further under the pile share.

In the book, Redeeming the Season, Kim Weir and Pam McCune give fun and practical ideas for families to make the month of December about Jesus. 

The book is divided into three sections:
*Sanctify Your Family
*Season Your Surroundings
*Savor Your Savior

There are many many ideas in the book I hope to implement this season.  The first I'll share is called "Gift with a Purchase."  

Here's how it works: when you frequent a business (whether it be dry cleaners, grocery, or paying your electric bill in person), give the cashier a gift.  

Here's how you can make coffee filter angels.  Your four-year old can even make them.  Albeit they won't be a "professional" as yours.  Keep a few of these gifts in your car so you can give them away, impromptu.  

Wad your first filter up and make a head.  Wrap another filter around the wad.  Fold the 3rd filter in 1/2 and make a longer skirt.
Use some hot glue to affix the skirt to the body.
The picture below just shows the size comparison.
Make wings by scrunching a filter and wrapping it with a pipe cleaner (with a loop on top for the halo.)
Luke 2:10-11 is on the back.
Chica Schmica has this fun rendition of an angel - which looks easy enough to replicate.

So, if you're looking for a mom-friendly book with ample ideas to keep you focused on Christ during Christmas, this book is a good choice.


MajorScoop said...

very fun

Julie said...

great idea, thanks for sharing... that books sounds great, maybe I can get one for next year. I am excited to see what you do.

Also, I would love to do the book club with Simple Mom, but I would need to figure out how to get the books here... are you doing it?

Julie said...

I'm wanting to read some of Simple Mom's books - if I can find them at the library. We have too many books (it's embarrassing, really) - not to mention the money crunch paying for adoption. I have "For Women Only" that I could mail to you, if you'd like.


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