Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Advent is from the Latin word adventus that means coming.  Our family has entered the season of anticipation for Jesus' birth.  

More exciting for Mr. Intensity is the fact that we're going to Kentucky in 16 days. Grandparents live there and they have presents.  Lots of presents.  It will be harder for him to sleep on the eve of Dec. 18 than on Christmas eve.

Until then, we'll try to focus our thoughts on Jesus coming to earth in the form of a humble babe.

There are so many advent calendar possibilities that a mom could go crazy trying to pull them off. Especially since it's December 2 and if you're starting now, you're already 3 days behind.

My friend, Julie in Hungary, shared how her family is using a Jesse Tree (sort of like an Advent calendar) to point their thoughts toward our Coming King.

You can print it off now and start today.  Here are the symbols for ornaments. Mr. Intensity was super excited about them. Here are the family devotions

The hardest work is done for you.  Bless your man - print these documents and ask him to lead your family in devotions towards the coming Christ.

If you print them out, you have to pinkie swear that you won't feel under the pile if you don't do them all.  Or any.  

December is not about guilt.  It's about anticipating the coming of a child in a manger born to an unwed teenager.  That child ROCKED the world for eternity.  He took away all the guilt anyone could ever heap on you.

To see what others have done with a Jesse Tree, go here, here, here or here (the comments are often helpful, too.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the family devotions link and that book recommendation down there! I've been going through some of your back logs and loving everything you do! Thanks!

chrys said...

We are doing a Jesse Tree for the first time this year and it has already been an incredible blessing.

I enjoy your blog!



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