Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trashy Trash Can

He fell through the trash can...trying to reach a magnet on the fridge.


Julie said...

never a dull moment at your house is there?

Anonymous said...

How does that happen to plastic? Ha!

John and Pam said...

Poor JI! How old is that can anyway? I think I remember moving it from Louisville!

Julie said...

yes, it is an old can - but it fits PERFECTLY.
JI can always depend on Magaw to take his side.
I wanted to ring his little neck - and probably would have if he wasn't crying hysterically b.c of a mere scratch.
JCM said, "well, at least now we don't have to use the pedal to lift the lid - there's a hole now!"

MerrandaVK said...

HA! Funny. Poor Guy.

Ethny walked through the kitchen yesterday with the broom and knocked 6 dishes off the counter breaking them all. that'll teach me to keep up with the dishes at all times throughout the day :)

missy said...

you should totally sue that company for not making their trash can "mr. intensity proof"


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