Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fun in Starbucks

My mom had cataracts surgery this morning; I took her to the waiting room and she dismissed me to a coffee shop and shopping (once the stores opened).

After I'd ordered my decaf with room for cream, I heard very familiar voices behind me. They were good friends from the past - Barbara Bailey and Bill Bryant - anchors for Lexington's CBS affiliate.

As a little girl, I remember thinking how pretty Barbara was and wanted to do my make-up like hers one day. Not many specific memories are still in my brain from childhood but I distinctly remember one Saturday when I was about 7, Mom and I saw her in the mall. Barbara looked so beautiful! Twenty-five years later, she's still a hottie. I hope I age as gracefully.

Wanna free Starbucks coffee? Volunteer 5 hours - details here. HT: Money Saving Mom

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