Saturday, January 10, 2009

Georgia on My Mind

I left Louisville four days ago with Magaw and Mr. Intensity and drove to Atlanta, Georgia to visit MajorScoop. Cutie Hannah is JI's cousin. Hannah's daddy, Michael, is doing a 2 week leadership training for the Army and we thought it would be a good time to visit.

Highlights have been:
- exploring Hannah's Montessori cabinet
- teaching Lauren to sew (after the kids were in bed.) She made this bag and presently is finishing a valance. She's a quick learner.
- seeing deer in the park (less than 50 yards away!)
- two words: masking tape
- lotsa painting and crafts for the kiddos
- lotsa arguing (MINE!!) for the kiddos. Am I ready for 2 kids?!
- watching Disney's Cars (first for me,*believe it or not* and it's JI's fav.)
- visiting a small local dairy and chicken farm (where we saw a territorial turkey do a dance; we were too close!)
- eating at Moe's and being starred at b.c Mr. Intensity was running and yelling like a wild man his normal self

Tomorrow after church, we'll drive 7 hours back to KY. Like the south-bound trip, we'll drug Mr. Intensity with an unlimited supply of DVDs. He'll be in heaven.

Other random but maybe not so news-worthy thoughts:
- Last week saw the movie Despereaux. Loved it. Will watch again. Mid-movie, Mr. Intensity leans over *tries to whisper* and said, "Mom, he doesn't have his sword yet." After the movie, I asked the 3 kids what they liked about the flick. My 7 year-old niece's classic response: "When the princess was rescued."

- Forgot to call Angela today (and yesterday!) The weekly appointment was on Thursday. I think the due date is 11 days away but I feel like I'm living in a time warp, traveling and without a routine. As of now, I think Hubby and I will stay in an extended-stay hotel for the 10-12 day waiting period in Little Rock...unless something else more wonderful makes itself known. I think it would be a bit stressful to stay with friends with a newborn crying all hours of the night.

- If you're interested in church history or just want to pretend like you know something about it, I've cliff notes for you. Hubby is blogging on one church father a week. Here's the first week's post.

- My sister-in-love, Lauren, can cook people! She made these tortillas and they were yum-a-lumma.

- It's January 11 so I'm sure you've already thought through your new year's resolutions, goals, etc. If not, may I recommend these 10 questions (HT: Passionate Homemaking) and these 20 questions by Simple Mom. BTW, Simple Mom is my favorite blog for 2008.

- While here in Georgia, Mr. Intensity made a grand exit from a room. It seemed normal to me; I can't even remember what he did or said. Hannah (21 months old) said, "He's crazy."

Yep. From the mouth of babes.


Julie said...

Hey Julie... when you have a second can you email me about the adoption news and your account number. We want to know your needs and give to you. Thanks! Praying for you all thinking about you A LOT!!!!

Mel said...

I am so glad I found your blog! I love it! I'll definitely add it to be daily-checked blogs.

My heart aches for you and the loss that you must be feeling. I'm praying for you.

So happy that you get to travel back to Little Rock. What a huge blessing!

Take care!


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