Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Laughs for 2009

Over the break, our family laughed at these videos - hope they make you chuckle, too.

My brother-in-law has one of these ladders:

Germans call this schaudenfreud (sp?). We don't have an English equivalent. It basically means laughing at another's pain.

Another ladder blooper:

This one is about 5 minutes, but very worth it. Watch it with your man.

Another to watch with your man, especially if you've been on a health kick for the new year is definitely this one. (I can't find it on youtube so make sure to click the link.)

While I'm jabbing the hubbies, this British skit about the "Man Cold" makes me laugh every time. Poor little bunny.


Chinamommy said...

Funny. I think the 1st ladder clip was the funniest b/c he kept talking in a "buy this product" sort of tone when he was obviously hurt and the product had failed. Ha ha.

Chrys said...

"Man Cold" slays me. "Here, take this bell..."


Bethany said...

Oh my gosh...the 2nd one especially had me laughing because they called the guy two separate names...Chris and Kevin...

teehee...way funny! I hope those poor guys were okay!!


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