Tuesday, March 31, 2009

At Our House

Hubby brought home flowers yesterday.  Love him.

Mr. Intensity is now the proud owner of not one, but two cap guns.  My parents sent him money for Valentine's day.  I wanted to use the money for a membership somewhere and hoped he'd forget about the cash.  But he didn't.  

Last weekend he bought Battleship and went shopping again Sunday for the guns.  My patient husband took Mr. Intensity to the toy store.  Hours of deliberation drives me crazy.
The kid loves games.  Daily we play multiple games of Uno.  For hours.  The box recommends it for kids 7+ but it's perfect for 4.5.  The game is very similar to Crazy 8's with a bit of strategy.
And the washing machine is still on the fritz.  Wednesday we'll get more parts.  


John and Pam said...

How fun for John Isaac! Cap guns! Every boy's dream. I love the cowboy hat!
Sorry about the washer.

Alli said...

John Isaac is so cute - reminds me a lot of Nathan at that age. We so enjoyed our visit with you guys.


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